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Hybrid vehicles are a special breed. These combination gas and electric vehicles are ready to take over the entire automobile market as we know it, and if you are lucky enough to drive one now, you not only reap the benefits, but also some of the problems. What problems? Well, what do you do when you need hybrid service or hybrid repair in Sacramento, CA? DO you bring it back to the dealership where you purchased the hybrid, only to incur higher costs and longer wait times? Or do you bring it just any auto repair shop, where they might not have techs on-hand that are qualified to work on hybrids? Neither. If you need hybrid service or hybrid repair in Sacramento, CA, you need to make an appointment with the hybrid experts at SDS Automotive.

Hybrid Service Sacramento CA

Like all vehicles, your hybrid is going to require regular service to keep it on the road. WIll the battery and electrical system that makes it hybrid require any extra service? No, actually; but like every other vehicle on the road, you’ll need an oil change at required intervals (about every 4,000 miles, or three times per year), and you’ll also need those 30/60/90k milestone services as well. If you check your owner’s manual, you’ll see a full roadmap of what services are required and when. Did you check? Are you a little behind? If so, let SDS help with your hybrid service in Sacramento, CA.

Hybrid Repair Sacramento CA

Who would have thought that a fancy new hybrid vehicle would eventually require repairs? Certainly not you, when you drove it off the lot with 12 miles on the odometer. But the time has come for hybrid repair in Sacramento, CA, and the pros at SDS Automotive are here to help. Were you in an accident? Did the AC suddenly stop blowing cold air? Is your engine idling rough or is your battery not holding a charge? All these could be reasons for hybrid repair in Sacramento, CA, and SDS is here to help with whatever your hybrid might need.

Hybrid Repair Near Me

When you need hybrid service or hybrid repair in Sacramento, CA, you need the team at SDS Automotive. Our techs have been specially trained to work with hybrid vehicles, and we are waiting to help you out with yours. If you drive a hybrid in Sacramento, CA, SDS Automotive wants to partner with you in keeping it charged up and rolling around town. Make an appointment today!

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