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Smog Inspections in Sacramento, CA

Why are smog inspections important to get?

Smog inspections is a test of a vehicle’s engine emissions. These inspections are regulated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the main purpose for these smog tests are to regulate the toxic emission from combustible engines and for routine vehicle maintenance. These engines release harmful toxins into the air, so state regulations work to minimize the amount released by vehicles. Smog checks have proven to lower emissions and have cleaner air. In the 1970s in Los Angeles, smog testing was introduced as a part of the Clean Air Act. From that point onward, Los Angeles saw a dramatic decrease in smog alerts. With these regulations put into place, this has resulted in lower smog and pollution levels and keeps our air clean. Smog checks are also used to determine if your vehicle’s fuel is burning efficiently, and prevent further release of toxins into the environment.


It is important to get your smog check. Not only do several states require it, these inspections ensure that your car is running in its optimal performance. By failing to get a smog inspection, you won’t be able to register your vehicle, making it illegal to drive your car. Smog checks also ensure that your car is not excessively polluting the environment too. A car that passes a smog check is a clear indicator that the car is well maintained and its systems are operating properly. Before getting your smog check, make sure that you check if there is a check engine light, maintain your oil, check your coolant, and properly inflate your tires. 


When to get Smog Inspections

Depending on the state, county, and city that you are residing in, as well as the age, make, and mileage of the vehicle, your vehicle may need a smog check. Some states send notices out to vehicle owners when they register their vehicles and there isn’t a emissions inspection on file. However, most US states require vehicles to eventually get a smog inspection. These checks measure emission levels to ensure that the vehicle is not excessively polluting the air  and meet the standard set in place by each state. 


The best way to determine whether you need a smog inspection is to check CA’s DMV website for more information. 


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